Get the 5 Foundations of Empowered Relationships

Create a fulfilling and empowering relationship where you feel seen, understood and valued​.

Are you tired of conflict, not getting your needs met, and feeling stressed out in your relationship? Are you feeling lost and alone and unsure how to make it better? It's time to do something about it. 
Improve the quality of your relationships and gain more confidence, more choices, and more personal power in the process. It is possible...and I can show you how!
Do you want a strong and fulfilling relationship? I facilitate powerful relationship creation and transformation. I help you get empowered to create a relationship that is a source of energy, strength and renewal that ultimately infuses the other areas of your life.
Hi, I’m Julie.
I’m a Relationship Empowerment Specialist – an emotional translator, teacher and coach. My clients range from singles who want a sustainable long term relationship to individuals who feel disconnected from their partners to couples who are dealing with conflict, frustration, or lack of trust. I help each person and couple I coach to lay a solid foundation upon which they can build their ultimate relationship vision.
So ask yourself right now if you truly feel relaxed, empowered and fulfilled in your relationship? If you are not a resounding YES - if you are tired of feeling stressed out or undervalued in your relationship - it’s time to do something about it. 
Transform your relationship from a source of stress into a source of strength. Because, let’s face it, having deep and meaningful relationships is the most essential key to living a long and fulfilling life (re: 75 year Harvard Study).
Don’t wait until you are looking back, wishing you lived and loved more fully...
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Here's what my Clients are Saying....

Cecilia & Mark - Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Engaged - Long Term Committed Partnership
If you are in a couple, and you are looking for support, and especially if you are having issues figuring out how to resolve fights...if you are getting stuck in the same fight over and over again...have that fight in front of Julie.
It's just helped our relationship tremendously going forward. It's not like we don't ever fight now, but now we have the tools to be able to see each other, and to really connect in a caring, loving way.

Lisa - Denver, CO
Long Term Committed Partnership 
I worked on a really traumatic issue with Julie. In addition to being incredibly supportive and compassionate, Julie was impressively perceptive, helping me to identify the parts of myself that I was judging, and skillfully guiding me through a process to help me dissolve the shame and guilt I was feeling. As a result of working with Julie, I was able to come to a place of acceptance and gratitude for myself, and also gain a greater awareness of how I want to show up and work toward becoming the person I want to be in this world. I highly recommend Julie's coaching- it was deeply impactful for me.